We are Catholics in the Greater Sacramento area promoting Catholic faith and serving the spiritual needs of people in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Our priest Fr. Abraham Chiu is a Chinese American.  He speaks fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Ordained on September 9, 1990 in Hong Kong and serving in various priestly duties, he was invited by the Bishop Jaime Soto in 2021 to come to the Diocese of Sacramento to serve the Chinese community.  He can be reached at (916) 483-8454 (St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church) for spiritual and sacramental services.

Of the many activities, the most important is the Chinese mass every Sunday. It is celebrated in Cantonese and Mandarin, and even some English. Mass is offered at the beautifully renovated Cathedral located at 1017 11th St., Sacramento. Other activities include:

1. RCIA Group holds home meeting twice a month, and special RCIA class is taught by Fr. Abraham personally on a needed basis to new catechumens.

2. Annual retreat provides timeout to reflect on our relationship with God.

3. Young adult group gathers for faith sharing, Bible study every Saturday morning and social activities.

4. Summer picnic in the park.

5. Thanksgiving dinner.

6. Christmas party.

7. Caroling at senior homes.

8. Chinese New Year Celebration and Special Tribute to Ancestors.

9. Visitation to our elderly members.




主任趙必成神父是美籍華人,操流利英語、國語和粵語。1990年9月9日在香港晉鐸,繼後服務不同牧職崗位。於2021年接受沙加緬度教區蘇途主教邀請,前來服務華人。閣下如有神修或聖事上的服務,可致電 (916) 483-8454 (聖若望堂)。
活動項目以每主日的中文彌撒為主 。彌撒是以普通話和粵語舉行,甚至加點英文。地點是在剛重修好的主教座堂-聖體大教堂,地址是11街1017號。其它活動包括:

1. 慕道組每月兩次有家庭聚會,研究天主教的信仰。有需要時神父會為望教者辦特別慕道班。

2. 年度退省避靜讓大家有機會從繁忙的生活中抽時間去反省與天主的關係。

3. 分享信仰經歷、查經或康樂活動。

4. 暑期公園野餐。

5. 感恩節火雞餐。

6. 聖誕節聯歡會。

7. 佳音隊到老人公寓和療養院唱歌。

8. 新春祈福彌撒暨特別的敬祖儀式。

9. 探訪年長和患病教友。




Mass: Sundays 2 PM, Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament (1017 11th St.) 中文彌撒: 每星期日下午二時正, 聖體大教堂

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Mass: Sundays 2 PM, Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament (1017 11th St.) 中文彌撒: 每星期日下午二時正, 聖體大教堂